Zuleika Gallery London


PATRICK HUGHES - Multiples and Prints

Monday 26th April - Friday 14th May

3rd Floor, 6 Masons Yard, St James's, SW1Y 6BU

This exhibition is part of the London Original Print Fair Week, 1st - 8th May. If you would like to book for those dates please click here.

This inaugural exhibition of Multiples and Prints by Patrick Hughes at Zuleika Gallery will include a brand new multiple: Banksi, and a new print, Love, both created in 2021.

Due to social distancing guidelines we are limiting the number of people in the gallery at any one time and we kindly ask all visitors to wear a mask when inside the gallery, and to adhere to your allotted time of 30 minutes to allow for the next appointment to arrive. For more information on the exhibition please click here.

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